A poster campaign that explores the city of the future.

50 Ideas for the New City

We channeled our love for World’s Fairs, A.M. Cassandre, and the WPA, and designed this poster and online campaign for the Architectural League’s Urban Omnibus for the Festival of Ideas for the New City. These posters are popping up on fences, scaffolds, and other public spaces throughout NYC to inspire passersby to think about how they can make their cities better. See all 50 ideas here with links to further discussion — and add your ideas, too! You can also purchase them to support Urban Omnibus’ good work.


Brochure that makes city regulations more accessible for street vendors in New York City.

Flash cards that make New York state’s tenants’ rights fun and engaging.

A public art project that invites residents to provide civic input on-site.

A public art project that invites residents to share their housing costs in Brooklyn.

A calendar that celebrates and advocates for more tree-planting in New Orleans.